Junior Keeper for the Day Two People

Junior Keeper for the Day Two People

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Through our Junior Keeper for a Day scheme we can offer a unique opportunity to experience a day in the life of a zoo keeper, but be warned, you will be expected to join in the cleaning!

The junior keeper for a day is an exciting half day session just for children aged between 8 and 15 inclusive. The duration is from introduction at 10.00am until  finish at approximately 1.00pm. This gives you the rest of the day to enjoy the zoo and take in some of our daily organised activities.

The cost of this special junior experience to be a keeper for the half day is only £150.00.  Why not surprise someone with this unusual present or just treat yourself? This includes admission to the zoo for the keeper for a day, free admission to the zoo for one guest only (you will be able to see the keeper for a day around the zoo but will not be able to join in the experience) a meal for two, drinks, a certificate of participation and a gift from the shop ( our choice).

Typically a "Junior Keeper" for a day session will be spent like this:

Arrive at the zoo reception at 10.00am for the zoo opening

. Be met and introduced to the keepers at reception
. Preparing for the clean and feed routine
. Meet the animals in your routine which always include the meerkats, agouti, porcupines, tayra and binturong (amongst many others)

. Tapir scratching.

. Feeding the ring tailed lemurs.

. Meet and feed our reindeer
. End of day presentations and lunch

Activities may be subject to change on the day due to welfare or operational factors.

Regrettably the Junior "Keeper for a Day" experience is not available to children under 8 years of age. However our "Walk on the Wild Side" experience can accommodate younger children with their parents.

You must contact the Zoo to confirm dates  contact us by email on bookings@exmoorzoo.co.uk, by telephone 01598763352