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Sponsor a Black Lemur

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Black Lemur sponsorship comes with:

The fee for sponsoring an animal is based on a 3 month contribution to provide food, heating and enclosure maintenance, animal husbandry costs and veterinary fees for your favourite animals. You will also be assisting ongoing conservation projects at Exmoor Zoo.

You will receive

  • An sponsors certificate
  • A complimentary zoo admission ticket for two people to visit the zoo (value £29.90 as of 2019)
  • A name plaque in our tunnel of fame for one year
  • A photograph of your favourite animal
  • Periodic zoo news updates

Any individual Zoo Animal can be sponsored.

If this is a gift please note this in delivery instructions and use the delivery address to send the adoption package to.

Fact File: 

The black lemur (Eulemur macaco) is a species of lemur from the family Lemuridae. Like all lemurs, it is endemic to Madagascar. Originally, the species was thought to have two subspecies, Eulemur macaco macaco and Eulemur macaco flavifrons, both of which were elevated to species status by Mittermeier et al. in 2008 to Eulemur macaco and Eulemur flavifrons respectively.[4] The most startling difference between the two species is the eye colour; Eulemur flavifrons, the blue-eyed black lemur, has blue eyes, while Eulemur macaco, the black lemur, has brown or orange eyes, and also has ear tufts.

Both species live in northwest Madagascar. The black lemur occurs in moist forests in the Sambirano region of Madagascar and on nearby islands.[5] The blue-eyed black lemur is restricted to the Sahamalaza Peninsula and adjacent forests.[5] There are reports of the two species hybridizing where their ranges overlap in Manongarivo Special Reserve.

The black lemur is between 90 and 110 centimeters in length, of which 51–65 centimeters are tail. Weight typically ranges between 1.8 and 2.0 kilograms.[5] The black lemur displays sexual dimorphism in coloration. Males have black or dark chocolate fur, while females' fur is of a lighter brown colour, generally medium brown, chestnut brown or even orange-brown. Males have large black ear tufts, while females have large white ear tufts.

The only other Eulemur species that occurs within the range of the black lemur is the common brown lemur, which overlaps with the black lemur at the extreme southern and eastern edge of its range, and the red-bellied lemur, on the Tsaratanana Massif. The common brown lemur and the red-bellied lemur have different coloration and do not show the extreme sexual dimorphism of the black lemur, making confusion between the black lemur and the other species unlikely.